Full DISC Personality Test Report

What is DISC

In short, DISC is a quadrant behavioral model to examine the behavior of individuals in their environment or within a specific situation. It therefore focuses on the styles and preferences of such behavior.

My DISC Score

Kristina Petraviciute DISC Score

Typical Behavior


  • Thrive on competition and challenge.
  • Goal orientated and want the freedom to do it my way.
  • Resourceful, aim high and want authority.
  • Self-sufficient and individualistic.
  • Tend to be direct and positive with people.


  • Comfortable working alone.
  • Tend to take little at face value.
  • Have a tendency to be focused. Once I have sorted out the facts I go for the goal.
  • Only bring into play my social skills when logic/circumstance dictates.


  • Get restless and bored when involved in routine and repetitive work/activities.
  • Need change and variety in my work and non-work life.
  • Enjoy stretching myself intellectually and physically.


  • Independent and uninhibited.
  • Feel restrained by rules and restrictions.
  • Prefer to be measured by results.
  • Willing to try the untried.
  • Feel that ‘detail’ and routine work is best ‘delegated’ – done by others.
profile: The Individualist

Kristina Petraviciute DISC Score

I am self-reliant and individualistic. I treat team goals as personal goals. I have a high sense of personal accountability and set very high standards for others. I tolerate working under pressure and I am unlikely to be demoralized by rejection. My drive and individualism may reduce my effectiveness when working as a member of a team. When faced with opposition, I respond by becoming even more persistent, forceful and innovative.

Organizational value
  • Ability to focus and not be side-tracked from my drive to achieve an objective.
  • Responsiveness to change and ability to be inventive when faced with problems.
  • Capacity to function without the support and encouragement of others.

Full DISC Personality Test Report